The New Orleans Lifestyle was established in 2017 as a resource for local service industry businesses offering exclusive experiences, VIP sections, food and drink packages, and reserved group areas at their establishments. 

In the post Covid era, the concept of reserving a section and package online has never been more relevant. With safety, distancing, and smaller capacities a priority, we hope to offer businesses a blueprint for how they can operate with smaller crowds and minimized risk, while also offering people options for safer experiences out. 

The simple answer is that they cannot right now. When the time comes for the slow rollout again businesses will need to act more responsibly than they did during the first phases. It’s just not safe to have large open indoor crowds of mingling guests, and it won’t be for some time. Keeping people distanced will be paramount. This can be managed by offering guests distanced sections with food and drink packages that can be purchased online in advance to control capacity and minimize staff and customer interaction.

Pre-Covid it was possible to go to your favorite bar and not buy anything, or sit and nurse a single drink for 2 hours and chat with your friends. For many businesses post Covid they just won’t be able to offer that anymore if there is someone willing to purchase a package in advance. If a business can only allow 25 people inside, they will need to maximize the revenue that can be generated with a smaller capacity. By offering sections and packages for sale online, businesses can set the price for how much they need to make per person. Whether that be a 1-3 drink minimum, a dinner package, bottle service, or a table fee, many businesses will have to have a minimum purchase requirement to ensure they generate enough revenue to survive. 

People willing to go out at this time are going to have to get used to a lot of new rules. Masking, distancing, sections, no dance floors etc. This is the new reality. If the establishment you want to visit is only allowing a certain amount of people in and you want to be there, some businesses will now offer you the option to jump the waiting list or line by reserving your package online. Maybe you want to get that corner booth at your neighborhood bar, or the table by the window at your favorite restaurant furthest away from the crowd. Perhaps you want to reserve the whole balcony or the courtyard of even a new parklet for your group. That will now be an option.