Take a chilling trip back in time!


Tween twilight tour of new orleans
Ages 18+
Duration: 1.5 hours
Ages: 8-12

Tweens are drawn back to the past in this chilling tour

Join us this weekend at twilight for a chilling history tour- just for tweens. This kid friendly haunted tour is not for the faint at heart. On this tour, we’ll dig deeper than the Spooky Tour to share the details of some of the more unsettling events that happened in 19th century New Orleans and the restless spirits still lingering today. Kids will learn about Yellow Fever and miasma, as well as the bizarre mourning rituals common to Creole widows living in the Victorian era. Tweens will learn about the different types of ghosts left behind, the echos of people dashing down our narrow streets or lurking in the shadows. But tweens won’t just learn about ghosts- they’ll communicate with them.

Kids will also learn about the practice of voodoo, the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, the ceremonies in Congo Square, and the charms and spells practiced. We’ll share primary sources and first hand accounts written in the 1800s, leaving kids with a curiosity to learn more about this mysterious religion still practiced today.

And of course the Rougarou. For kids visiting the swamp which is southern Louisiana, we will warn them of which creatures to avoid!!

As with all of our tours, this a teacher led, thoroughly researched tour of our past. While we can’t guarantee the ghosts will communicate back with us on tour, we do guarantee kids will leave the tour with a better understanding of ghosts, mythical creatures, and the timeless techniques used for interacting with the spirit world.

(The Twilight Tour excludes all graphic, inappropriate content found on adult haunted tours. New Orleans offers an abundance of excellent ghost tours for adults. These tours are also perfect for older teens. However, the Twilight Tour is a version of the same history but tailored to upper elementary & middle school kids. For kids 4 – 8 years old, check out our more magical Spooky Tour.)