Are you an Uber Driver or Concierge or someone who networks regularly with people visiting New Orleans and want to earn some extra cash? 

We can help!

Here is how it works. We currently sell several digital guides and maps for New Orleans geared toward visitors. We can offer a % of sales to anyone that can help us sell them. What we can do is offer you a personalized discount code you can have people enter to get a discount on the digital guides we offer. We can track the code to see that it was you that made the sale and pay you a % of each sale you make.

Currently for all our guides and maps we are offering a 50/50 split on sales after the discount is applied. We can also send you a sheet with QR codes that you can print and laminate and keep in your car so all you have to do is just show people if they ask for suggestions on things to do! It’s that simple!

For more info email us at nolahospitality1@gmail.com or fill out the form below.