15 Amazing Pictures That Could Only Be From New Orleans

These pictures capture the soul and uniqueness of the city of New Orleans in all it’s glory. They could only be taken in one place!

And the funniest thing seen in #NOLA today is….. #NewOrleans #UptownNOLA #NolaLife #redneck

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Im starting to see the root of the problem with the sidewalks 😊 #neworleans #nawlins

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Keep your distance? #YouKnowIWill #SwampTour #DontBiteMeGator #NewOrleans

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#FlashBackFriday I remember back to when I needed the wall behind me while in a headstand, now last week I am in #NewOrleans with a group of badass ladies, all different shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and stories as to why we have decided to take care of our bodies and I can be just as badass with them and pop up into a headstand and hold it for as long as I need tooπŸ€“πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’œ @tddjpmom and I were headstanding next to each other in this photo and she goes "wow the church is so beautiful upside down" and I am able to take my eyes off of the blade of grass I was using as my focal point and look at the big picture behind it without falling but feeling the energy from my sisters lifting me up as I gaze at the beautiful architecture in a way that most people are not able to see. It is amazing I thought to myself how much our eyes do not see that is right in front of us. I feel so blessed to have met these incredible inspiring women most of which on IG who make me want to view the world from a different perspective and see the things that eyes do not seeπŸ™πŸ½πŸ’œ I am always searching for my soul sisters out there that are ready to step in faith and be the change they wish to see in our world around us and if you feel I am speaking to you I would absolutely love to hear your story and share with you how you too can create the life that you want for yourselfπŸ’œ #AskMeHow #Perspective #ToStayThePath #TeamNourish #FindYourTribeAndLoveThemHard

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Packages and Tours

If you would like to offer a package or experience or want more info on booking one you can reach us @nolahospitality1@gmail.com

  • New Orleans Mixology Class at The Maison on Frenchmen Street
    Mixology Class at The Maison
    Learn to make classic New Orleans cocktails during this one hour class at The Maison on Frenchmen Street.
    $35 per person
  • Frenchmen Street Stroll Tour
    Stroll down Frenchmen Street and learn about the area’s rich music and local history.
    $25 per person
  • Frenchmen Street Cocktail Tour
    Sample cocktails, cuisine, & live music at Frenchmen's hottest clubs.
    $29 per person
  • Manchac Magic Swamp Tour
    2 – 3hr kayak and canoe swamp tour through the historic Manchac swamp.
    From $59 per person
  • Private Carriage Tours
    Spend a little more and purchase a private carriage rental that can seat up to 4 passengers comfortable.
    $100-$200 per carriage
  • Photography Swamp Tour
    Swamp Landscape Photo Workshop
    Join an experienced photographer to photograph the stunning swamp landscapes.
    From $250 per person
  • Kayak Fishing Charter New Orleans
    Inshore Kayak Fishing Charter
    Hire a private fishing charter to see why New Orleans truly is a Sportsman's Paradise.
    From $250 per person
  • New Orleans Cemetery Walking Tour
    Bare Bones Cemetery Tours
    Take a tour of the tombs of St. Louis Cemetery which tells the colorful stories of those who impacted the city.
    $15 per person
  • Royal Carriages French Quarter History Tours
    French Quarter History Tour
    Carriage tours are perfect for those looking for a historic exploration of more than just Bourbon Street!
    $20-$40 per person
  • History & Haunts Carriage Tour
    The nighttime carriage tour highlights both the history and the hauntings that the French Quarter is most known for!
    $40 per person
  • Flambeaux Bike Tours New Orleans
    Heart of the City Bike Tour
    Explore the historic core of New Orleans on Flambeaux Bicycle Tours' Heart of the City guided tour.
    $45 per person
  • Flambeaux Bike Tours
    Creole Odyssey Bike Tour
    Track the core of the city's expansion into its surrounding bayous with Flambeaux Bicycles' Odyssey Tour.
    $45 per person
  • Dr. Gumbo Food History Tours
    Dr. Gumbo Food History Tour
    Chefs are the new rock stars and this tour is a delicious journey through New Orleans and Louisiana’s rich culinary history!
    $55 per person
  • Dr Gumbo Cocktail History Tour
    Dr. Gumbo Cocktail History Tour
    Forget Hand Grenades and Hurricanes, this cocktail history tour goes beyond Bourbon Street!
    $65 or $32 per person
  • Dr. Gumbo Food History Tours
    Food & Cocktail History Walking Tour
    Combining both the Food History and Cocktail History tours, this event is a feast for the senses!
    $120 per person
  • City Sightseeing Tours New Orleans
    City Sightseeing Double Decker Tours
    This City Tour Bus offers transportation approximately every 30 minutes on an open-top, double-decker bus!
  • New Orleans Brews Cruise
    Brews Cruise Brewery Tour
    Explore the rich brewing history of the city and taste the beers leading New Orleans' return to brewing relevance.
    $60 Per Person
  • VIP section at The Maison on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans
    VIP Sections @ The Maison
    VIP Section next to the stage that accommodates up to 12 guests and includes bottle service and a VIP server.
    $200+ per section
  • VIP Balcony Package @ Dragon's Den
    Private VIp balcony section overlooking Esplanade Ave. Includes bottle service or a bar tab.
    $250+ per section
  • VIP room at The Dragon's Den
    VIP Rooms at The Dragon's Den
    Reserve a VIP room for up to 10 guests at The Dragon's Den on Frenchmen St.
    $250+ per section
  • rare form new orleans private event packages
    Rare Form Sections & Party Packages
    Reserve a table, section or the entire room for your group event at Rare Form on Frenchmen St.
  • Small Group Packages at The Hi Ho Lounge
    Reserve a section and select the amount you would like for your bachelor or bachelor party's
    From $60
  • Private Courtyard Rental at The Hi Ho Lounge
    Rent the courtyard for the Hi-Ho Lounge for groups of up to 50 guests including a bar tab!
    From $400
  • Bachelorette Party New Orleans
    Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Packages
    Book your bachelorette or bachelor party at one or several of the bars on Frenchmen Street!
    From $90
  • Saturday Night Burlesque Show on Frenchmen Street
    Group Tickets to Saturday Night Burlesque
    Bring your group to a Saturday night burlesque show on Frenchmen Street and get a discount on tickets for groups of 5 or more!
    From $8 per person
  • Dinner Package @ Maison
    Dinner and live music for two guests. Includes front row seating, a signature cocktail and entree for each guest.
    $35 per person
  • Brunch Table @ Maison
    Brunch table reservation for up to 8 guests. Base reservation is for a table of 3, additional $5 per added guests.
    $10+ per table
  • rare form new orleans private event packages
    Rare Form Brunch Packages
    Reserve a brunch table at Rare Form on Frenchmen Street for live music and breakfast!
    $10 per table